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Wiggle Candle Line

Wiggle Candle Line

Our most loved scents in our new reusable drinking glass vessels! Topped with crystals to match and bring warm energy to your space.


Scent notes: daisies, berry, and musk.

Between the sheets *discontinuing
Scent notes: floral water, sandalwood, vanilla.

After Hours
Scent notes: bergamot, lavender, woods.

Tall, dark, & Handsome
Scent notes: palo santo, black pepper, tonka.

Sugar Daddy *discontinuing
Scent notes: charcoal, bourbon, tonka.

Succulent Oasis
Scent notes: Coconut palm, musk, sandalwood.

Crystal Visions *discontinuing
Scent notes: Jasmine and dark orchid.

Lavender Cloud
Just Lavender.

Euphoria *discontinuing
Scent notes: Orange blossom, coffee, cream, woods.

Alchinme candles are made up of 100% organic soy wax grown and created in the United States. Along side our wax we use only the highest quality fragrance oils that do not contain phthalates, parabens, or any Cali 65 ingredients so you can be sure you are only burning the best.


Do NOT leave your burning candle unattended.

Do NOT leave your candle in a space where children or pets could reach.

Always use precaution when lighting candles and always light on non flammable flat surfaces